The Orbit Lounger Meditation Chair?

OK, so I don’t think the Orbit Lounger or any round outdoor daybed was actually designed as a meditation chair, but it sure makes a good one.

Orbit Lounger in Backyard as a Meditation Chair

Whether you are shopping for a meditation chair or cushion – or you simply are just thinking about meditating as a way to relax and de-stress from your day – don’t overlook the Orbit Lounger. It’s actually quite perfect.

Here’s why I say that:

1. They Have Back Support Built-In

If you’ve ever shopped for meditation cushions, you know that they are very minimal. They can “get the job done”, but they are not cheap, and they don’t offer any back support. If you are like most people, you will find it difficult to sit up straight for long periods of time while relaxing. Most people end up slouching, and what good is that?

The orbit lounger has seat backs which provide back support. Problem solved.

2. You Can Meditate in Multiple Positions

Maybe you want to meditate in the same position all the time, but what if you don’t? Many meditation chairs (that offer back support that the cushions don’t have) advertise multiple recline positions for comfort and versatility.

Well, the orbit lounger can do that too. In fact, the Orbit takes it a few steps further. (1) You can fuller recline the lounger to a flat position or (2) you can raise both ends so that your back and feet are elevated. This makes for very comfortable meditating. (and if for some reason you want more blood to go to your head while in your relaxed state… just raise the “feet end” of the lounger…).

3. The Orbit Lounger Provides its Own Private Space as a Meditation Chair

Smaller meditation cushions and chairs are designed to be used in a room of the house while still being compact enough to be unobtrusive. This is quite convenient, but it does not really give the meditator a “personal space” in which to zone out.

The Orbit Lounger, being bigger, almost demands its own dedicated area where you can spread out and call your own and separate yourself from other rooms in the house. You could even designate the lounger exclusively as a meditation room, keeping music, wind chimes and candles nearby.

orbit lounger at night4. Do You Want a Table with That?

The Orbit with the umbrella may even better than the model without, because it comes with a small center table (not to mention the umbrella, which of course is cool too). The center table is perfect for an MP3 player, candles or other items that can help you relax during your session. Everything is within arms reach while being out of the way at the same time. It’s brilliant.

Here’s What it Boils Down to:

1. You want an Orbit Lounger. Great. Well get it, and then you can start meditating, even if you aren’t interested in meditation.

2. You want to meditate. Wonderful. In that case, you need an Orbit Lounger. You can get an Orbit Lounger here.