Orbit Lounger with Umbrella

Do you want a round chaise lounge that provides shade and comes with a built-in patio table? The classic Orbit Lounger with Umbrella provides numerous lounging options. Plus, it’s affordable too!

Mainstays Crossman Orbit Lounger with UmbrellaIn addition, getting the orbit chaise lounge with the umbrella gives you a much better deal. For example, you get the umbrella AND the table for only about $50 more.

How Does an Umbrella Make the Orbit Lounge Better?

First of all, you can get shade when you want it. Umbrellas also provide better lighting for computer screen viewing.

If you want to use your lounger as a home office, the umbrella works to your advantage. Of course if can provide shade when needed, but it can also keep glare off of your computer screen.

Round Rattan Lounger (like the Orbit Lounger, but with Washable Cushions)2021 Update: The Orbit Lounger sells out fast. I found a new round sun lounger with an upscale wicker base (and it actually doesn’t cost much more than the Orbit Lounger!)

In addition, you can remove and wash the cushion covers, something you couldn’t do with the previous lounger. As a result, the cushions can look better and last longer. (Different colors available, too.)

Round Lounge that Reclines at Both EndsBoth ends lift up, and each side reclines separately, so you have lots of options as far as how you use your double lounge. Ultra versatile for 2 people, not to mention comfortable. =)

Orbit Lounger VS Other Double Chaise Lounges?

Orbit Lounger Seats Tilt Up on Both SidesUnlike many other double loungers, the Orbit can tilt up from both sides. In other words, you can elevate one end as a backrest and the opposite for your feet.

Hence, this design offers a comfortable support for your feet. On the other hand, two people can sit on opposite sides and face each other.

This design feature alone makes the Orbit Lounger the best double lounge, in my opinion. Plus, the built-in table enables you to easily play card games, have a convenient place to set your drinks, etc..

The Orbit Lounger with Umbrella has a Table Too?

Built-in Table on the Orbit Double LoungerBut let’s not forget the table. Although small, it is perfectly positioned for drinks, phones, books, snacks and other small items that you don’t want to accidentally sit on or get lost in the cushions. And because the tabletop is small, it stays conveniently out of the way.

The majority of double chaise loungers do not have drink tables, not to mention tables centrally located. Most people end up appreciating this convenient table much more than they expected.

The center table is also nice if you are sharing the lounger with another person, like a lounge hog. It helps establish a dividing line so that the other person won’t take over your side of the lounge chair (hey, I’m just sayin…).

Specs for the Orbit Double Chaise Lounge:

  • Dimensions: 77″ Long x 61″ Wide x 13″ High
  • Umbrella Height: 84″ Tall
  • Table Measure 16″ Diameter
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Color: Brown Frame, Beige/Tan Cushions
  • Frame: Rust-Resistant Powder-Coated Steel
  • Cushion Material: UV, Mildew & Stain Resistant Spun Polyester Fabric
  • Assembly Required (assembly instructions)
  • Manufacturer: Courtyard Creations

Tips to Make Your Orbit Lounge Cushions Last Longer:

Orbit Chaise Lounge Weatherproof Fabric - UV, Stain & Mildew ResistantThese weather-proof cushions are designed for outdoor use with UV, mildew and stain protection. However, you can easily extend the life of the fabric by minimizing direct sun exposure.

In addition, I recommend removing and storing the cushions during winter months, rain or snowy weather. Alternatively, you could move the lounger under a wide overhang.

Finally, I suggest applying a fabric protectant each year. In my opinion, this is a small investment that can pay off over the years. Amazon carries a heavy duty outdoor fabric guard that helps protect outdoor fabrics against water, dirt, grease and sun damage.

Outdoor Furniture Cover for Orbit LoungerNote: Many people ask about where to buy patio furniture covers I found the one on the right that is similar in size and shape and works well to protect your furniture during the winter (or rain, sun, etc..)