Round Outdoor Double Chaise Lounges that are Affordable

Transform your outdoor sanctuary with the elegance and comfort of a round outdoor lounger at a budget-friendly price. This guide will help you navigate the world of chaise lounges, providing valuable insights and tips to help you make the right choice for your patio or garden.

Round Chaise Lounge in Garden Underneath a Tree


Evaluating Space for Your Garden Furniture

  • Before committing to a round double chaise lounge, consider the spatial requirements of this uniquely designed piece.
  • The circular design often necessitates a larger footprint compared to traditional rectangular models.
  • Assess your patio or garden to ensure there’s ample space to accommodate it comfortably.
  • Measure the intended area to verify that the lounge will fit without overcrowding.
  • Consider how the lounge will integrate with the flow of your outdoor space, ensuring pathways remain clear and other essential areas, such as dining spots or garden beds, are not compromised.
  • Think about the surrounding furniture and accessories, ensuring they harmonize with the lounge in style and spatial arrangement.
  • Planning for adequate space around the lounge is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality.
  • A well-placed round double chaise can serve as a stunning focal point, enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor environment.
  • Thoughtfully evaluating the space can create a balanced and inviting setup that maximizes the comfort and beauty of your garden or patio.

Selecting Materials: Durability Meets Design

When selecting a chaise lounge, material quality should be a top priority. The choice of materials directly influences the durability, longevity and overall appearance of your furniture. Robust materials like aluminum and all-weather wicker are excellent choices due to their ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Aluminum is lightweight, rust-resistant and easy to move, making it a practical option for outdoor settings. All-weather wicker provides a blend of aesthetic appeal and resilience, crafted to endure harsh elements while maintaining its structure and beauty.

Equally important are the cushions. Opt for those covered in UV-resistant fabric to ensure they remain vibrant and free from mildew over time. UV-resistant fabrics are designed to withstand prolonged sun exposure without fading, helping your lounge retain its fresh, inviting look season after season. Additionally, these fabrics are often treated to resist mold and mildew, which is essential for outdoor furniture exposed to the elements.

By prioritizing high-quality materials and UV-resistant cushions, you can ensure your chaise not only enhances your outdoor space with style but also provides lasting comfort and durability.

Key Features to Look for:

When searching for a reasonably-priced outdoor chaise, several key features can help ensure you make a wise investment.

  • Prioritize durability and weather resistance:
    • Choose frames made of robust materials like powder-coated aluminum or rust-resistant steel.
    • Opt for cushions covered in UV-resistant fabric to protect against fading and mildew.
  • Ensure comfort and spaciousness:
    • Select lounges with generous dimensions and thick, supportive cushions.
    • Ensure the seating area is ample enough to accommodate different body types comfortably.
  • Consider additional functional features:
    • Look for lounges with adjustable backrests to customize your seating position.
    • Integrated sun protection options, such as built-in canopies or shade attachments, offer relief on hot days.
    • Included cushions enhance comfort and provide a cohesive look and feel.

Comparing Different Brands and Models


When exploring the world of  outfoor furniture, focusing on premier brands renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship can make a significant difference in your selection.

1. SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Round Daybed with Retractable Canopy


  • Retractable Canopy: Provides adjustable shade for comfort.
  • Material: Constructed with durable PE rattan and a steel frame.
  • Cushions: Thick, water-resistant cushions for added comfort.
  • Design: Modern, sleek design suitable for various outdoor settings.
  • Assembly: Requires assembly, with all tools included.


  • The retractable canopy allows for adjustable sun protection.
  • Water-resistant cushions are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Durable materials ensure longevity.


  • Assembly can be time-consuming.
  • The canopy may not withstand very high winds.

2. Outsunny 4-Piece Round Convertible Patio Daybed

Multi-Purpose Round Patio Lounger for Dining, Entertaining, Sunbathing


  • Convertible Design: Can be used as a round daybed or separated into four seats and a center table.
  • Material: Made with weather-resistant PE rattan and a sturdy steel frame.
  • Cushions: Includes thick, comfortable cushions and pillows.
  • Table: The center section can function as a table when separated.


  • Versatile design allows for multiple seating configurations.
  • Weather-resistant materials make it suitable for various climates.
  • Ideal for entertaining guests with its modular setup.


  • Requires more space due to its convertible nature.
  • Assembly instructions can be complex.

3. Merax All-Weather Patio Round Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set

Round Chaise


  • Sectional Design: Includes several pieces that can be arranged in different configurations.
  • Material: High-quality PE rattan and a powder-coated steel frame.
  • Cushions: Comes with thick, UV-resistant cushions.
  • Additional Features: Includes a coffee table with a tempered glass top.


  • Highly versatile with multiple configuration options.
  • UV-resistant cushions maintain color and quality over time.
  • The included coffee table adds functionality.


  • Higher price point compared to other models.
  • Requires ample space for full configuration.


  • SUNCROWN: Best for those seeking a stylish daybed with an adjustable canopy at a mid-range price.
  • Outsunny: Ideal for versatility with its convertible design, making it great for entertaining.
  • Merax: Offers the most flexibility in terms of configuration and includes a coffee table, suitable for those willing to invest a bit more for added functionality.

Choose the model that best fits your outdoor space, budget and specific needs for functionality and style.

When comparing different models, consider specific factors such as material strength, cushion quality and additional features like adjustable backrests and integrated sunshades. For instance, look for lounges with frames made of rust-resistant materials like aluminum or stainless steel, which ensure longevity even in humid or coastal environments. Cushions should be thick and supportive, ideally with quick-drying foam and removable, washable covers for easy maintenance.

Affordability is also a key consideration. Set a budget and compare what each brand offers within your price range. While higher-end brands like Harmonia Living may come at a premium, their durability and design can make them a worthwhile investment. Meanwhile, more budget-friendly options can provide excellent value and functionality for those looking to furnish their outdoor space without a significant financial outlay.

By evaluating these factors and considering brands known for their exceptional craftsmanship, you can find the perfect round outdoor daybed that balances material strength, comfort and affordability, ensuring your outdoor space is both stylish and functional.

Making the Purchase: Things to Remember

Before making your final decision, review the warranty and return options offered by the manufacturer. Ensure that the delivery and assembly process is convenient for you. Consider the fit and harmony of the lounge within your space and choose complementary furniture or accessories to enhance its functionality and appeal.

Preparing Your Outdoor Space for the New Addition

Transform your garden or patio into the ultimate haven for your round double chaise lounge by refreshing and measuring the outdoor area. Design the layout and placement of the lounge to maximize comfort and aesthetics. Select complementary furniture or accessories like side tables, outdoor rugs, decorative pillows and umbrellas to create a cohesive and luxurious outdoor retreat.

Maintaining Your Backyard Lounger

Maintaining your backyard lounge in pristine condition requires a few key steps, each tailored to the specific materials used in your furniture. Proper care and maintenance not only keep your chaise looking new but also extend its lifespan, ensuring you get the most value from your investment.

  • For Metal Frames:
    • Regular cleaning is essential.
    • Use a mixture of mild soapy water to gently wash away dirt and debris.
    • Rinse thoroughly with water and dry completely to prevent rusting.
    • Apply a thin layer of automotive wax to protect metal surfaces, creating a barrier against moisture and elements.
    • This process takes about 30 minutes and should be done at least once a season.
  • For Wicker and Rattan Lounges:
    • Use a soft brush and a solution of mild soap and water for cleaning.
    • Be thorough but gentle to avoid damaging the weave.
    • Allow the furniture to dry completely in a shaded area to prevent mold or mildew growth.
    • This cleaning routine, typically taking 45 minutes to an hour, should be performed every couple of months or more frequently if exposed to harsh conditions.
  • For Wooden Components:
    • Apply protective oils, such as teak or linseed oil, to nourish the wood and prevent drying out and cracking.
    • This should be done every few months, especially in dry climates or after prolonged exposure to sun and rain.
    • The application process takes about 20 minutes plus drying time.
  • Minimize Direct Sun Exposure:
    • UV rays can cause fabrics to fade and materials to deteriorate.
    • Use protective covers when the furniture is not in use, especially during harsh weather conditions.
    • High-quality covers, costing around $50 to $100, are a worthwhile investment to protect your chaise from the elements.
  • Regular Maintenance Checks:
    • Inspect the lounge for signs of wear and tear, such as loose screws, worn-out cushions or minor damages.
    • Address issues early to prevent more significant problems and extend the furniture’s lifespan.

By dedicating a few hours each season to proper care and maintenance, you can keep your chaise lounge in excellent condition, ensuring it remains a comfortable and stylish centerpiece in your outdoor space for years to come.

The Bottom Line:

Transforming your outdoor space with a round outdoor lounger can be both stylish and affordable. This guide has provided valuable insights into selecting the perfect lounge by evaluating space requirements, material durability and essential features such as comfort and weather resistance.

By considering premier brands and comparing different models, you can find a chaise lounge that suits your aesthetic and functional needs without breaking the bank. Remember to prepare your outdoor area thoughtfully and maintain your lounge to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. With the right choices, your patio or garden can become a luxurious retreat, offering comfort and elegance in one perfect package.

Last Updated June 2, 2024