What is the Best Outdoor Bed?

Karen Bartels: What is the Best Outdoor Bed?Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular. By expanding your living space to the outdoors via a deck or patio, you can increase the value of your home – not to mention add lots of functionality.

There are lots of ways to decorate an outdoor room. Many people design outdoor living rooms with sofas and chairs, while others focus on creating an outside dining area for eating, playing games and other family activities.

But what about the outdoor bed?

An outside bed has more uses than you may think. They are completely functional for napping and relaxing – but also for reading, working, sunbathing or watching movies.

There are a growing number of patio daybeds, outdoor futons and of course, backyard hammocks. Each has its own purpose and comes with both pros and cons, but I think (I’m biased, of course) that the Orbit Lounger wins hands down.

Note: Since the Orbit Lounger has discontinued production, I have to say that the Tangkula round daybed with retractable canopy makes a great substitute. Plus, you can use it as a double lounger or pull the cushions apart to use as chairs for 4 people. In other words, it’s very versatile.

5 Reasons Why the Orbit Lounger Makes the Best Outdoor Bed:

1. It’s Cheap

The Orbit Lounger is inexpensive. It costs less than any outdoor daybed or futon I’ve seen and less then some hammocks that come with frames. Yes, there are plenty of hammocks that cost less than the Orbit but realistically, if you are shopping for a hammock, you probably don’t want chaise lounge anyway.

2. It Fits More

These loungers comfortably fit 2 people. Futons and daybeds designed for the backyard can fit 2 people sitting up – but not laying down. Only the Orbit can do that.

3. Orbits are Adjustable

The seat back reclines in several different positions, but so does the opposite end for your feet. On top of that, each side of this double chaise adjusts separately, so one person can lay down flat while the other person can sit up. No arguing here!

4. It’s 45 lbs

It’s lighter than many other types of outdoor furniture (45 lbs – hello!). Futons have heavier cushions and frames. So does the daybed for that matter. And yes, I know a hammock doesn’t weigh as much. As much as I like hammocks, I’m still not going to let the hammock win here.

5. It Can Do More

Yes, you can comfortably sleep on an Orbit Lounger, but you can also eat on it, play games, eat, work and more. This is because the Lounger that comes with the umbrella (which is removable by the way) also includes a small center table. It’s big enough to set drinks, snacks, cards, a phone etc… yet it’s small enough to stay conveniently out of the way.

By being about to use it more things, you can use it more often. This, of course, means it’s a better value. Just my biased opinion.