Easy Alternative to the Orbit Lounger Cushion?

Papasan Replacement Cushion to use as Replacement Orbit Lounger Cushion when in a Crunch

I am a big fan of papasan chairs, and the double size version is even better. However, did you know that the double-size cushion has similar measurements as the Orbit Lounger frame?

Outdoor Double Papasan Cushion: 65″ long x 48″ wide
Indoor-Only Double Papasan Cushion: 78″ long x 58″ wide
Orbit Frame: 77″ long x 61″ wide

If you have ever looked for a replacement cushion for your Orbit, you know that they are not that easy to find and sometimes can be expensive. Many times, stores run out of stock at the end of summer, and you are stuck until springtime when new cushions become available from the manufacturer.

Anyway, I recently came across these double papasan cushions for sale and noticed that the dimensions were very similar to those of the Orbit Lounger. This has the closest match I’ve seen to a replacement alternative.

If you are having a hard time finding a replacement Orbit Lounger cushion at the price you want, this is another option. It may not be perfect, but you may like the price better as well as the color options.

These tufted cushions are constructed of UV and weather-resistant outdoor fabric with a spun polyester fill. You get a lot more options when it comes to fabric colors and patterns – over 10 different options!

What You Need to Know About Orbit Lounger Cushion Alternatives:

  1. The measurements are not identical
  2. The Orbit replacement cushions come in 6 separate pieces to allow the frame to easily fold and sides to move separately. A papasan cushion is one solid piece.
  3. The Papasan cushion is 6″ thick, Orbit cushions measure 3.5″ thick.
  4. Some Papasan cushions are designed for indoor use only. Make sure to get the indoor/outdoor version if you want to use your furniture outside.
  5. Double Papasan cushions for outdoors measure 65″ long x 48″ wide. Larger cushions measure 78″ long x 58″ wide – but are designed for indoor use only.