Where to Get Orbit Lounger Replacement Cushions…

I have not been able to find Orbit Lounger replacement cushions for the past 3 years. From what I know, the manufacturer no longer makes them.

Update: I recently found someone who makes a replacement cover for Orbit Lounger cushions. The fabric covers the entire lounger rather than cushions individually, but it provides an option.

Unfortunately I have yet to find an equal cushion substitution. However, I don’t want to leave you hanging. Therefore, here are some ideas that some people have come up with:

Alternatives to Orbit Lounger replacement cushions:

1. Papasan Chair Cushions

Replacement Cushion for Outdoor Double Papasan Chair, Closely Matches Dimensions of Orbit LoungerThe larger version of the Papasan chair uses cushions that closely match the dimensions of the Orbit Lounger (78″ long x 58″ wide). However, they are designed for indoor use only.

Their Outdoor Double Papasan Cushions are slightly smaller (65″ long x 48″ wide), but can be used outside. Again, it’s more difficult to use the Orbit in the inclined seat back position with this cushion. By the way, both sizes come in 10+ different colors and cost between $135 and $175.

Papasan Cushion: 65″ long x 48″ wide
Orbit Frame: 77″ long x 61″ wide

2. Round Inflatable Lounger

Round Inflatable Lounge to Use as Orbit Lounger Replacement CushionsThis option only costs about $50, and the lounger is comfortable to lay on. Plus, it comes with a built in (and removable) headrest.

It is also easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about the cushion wearing out.

However, the measurements don’t match exactly. Plus, you can only really use it when the Orbit Lounger is fully reclined flat.

Lounger Dimensions: 75″ diameter
Orbit Frame Dimensions: 77″ long x 61″ wide