Where to Get Orbit Lounger Replacement Cushions…

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I have not been able to find Orbit Lounger replacement cushions for the past 5 years. From what I know, the manufacturer no longer makes them. That said, we do have some options:

Alternatives to Orbit Lounger replacement cushions:

1. Custom-Made Cushion Covers (cushion not included):

I stumbled upon a great find – a supplier offering replacement covers tailored for Orbit Lounger cushions. Unlike traditional cushions, these covers envelop the entire lounger, providing a seamless solution.

For those seeking a custom fit, acquiring a 77″ long by 61″ wide foam piece allows for personalized sizing. Although cutting it may pose a challenge, perfection isn’t necessary as the cover conceals any imperfections in your handiwork.

Orbit Lounger Metal Frame Dimensions: 77″ long x 61″ wide

2. Circular Foam Cushion with Cover:

Secondly, you can buy a pre-cut circular foam cushion 66″ diameter x 3″ thick.

The bad news is that the dimensions don’t exactly match the size of the Orbit Lounger frame (77″ long x 61″ wide). However, it’s the best match I’ve found, and you can get it at a decent price.

Plus, the 3″ foam is thicker than the original Orbit 2″ cushion and will last 7-10 years. (Or you can save yourself about $15 and opt for the 2″ thick cushion here.)

Then, get a 66″ diameter cushion cover to perfectly fit your new cushion. It’s conveniently machine washable and comes in grey or brown.

3. Papasan Loveseat Cushions:

Replacement Cushion for Outdoor Double Papasan Chair, Closely Matches Dimensions of Orbit Lounger

The larger version of the Papasan chair uses cushions that closely match the dimensions of the Orbit Lounger (78″ long x 58″ wide). However, they are designed for indoor use only.

Their Outdoor Double Papasan Cushions are slightly smaller (65″ long x 48″ wide), but can be used outside. Again, it’s more difficult to use the Orbit in the inclined seat back position with this cushion. By the way, both sizes come in 10+ different colors and cost between $135 and $175.

  • Papasan Cushion: 65″ long x 48″ wide
  • Orbit Frame: 77″ long x 61″ wide

4. Round Inflatable Mattress:

Alternatively, you can get a waterproof inflatable mattress that has a circular shape. You can use it outdoors, it’s easy to clean and relatively affordable.

When it comes to versatile outdoor seating options, the Orbit Lounger stands out with its multi-functional design. Imagine lounging on it by the pool or even converting it into a makeshift bed on your next camping trip — it’s like bringing comfort wherever you go. And let’s not forget the convenience of deflating it for compact storage during the colder months.

However, it’s important to note that while the Orbit Lounger offers ease of use, it may not have the longevity of more premium foam inserts. You’ll want to exercise caution to avoid any accidental punctures that could affect its lifespan.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the measurements may not align perfectly with your expectations. And while it’s a fantastic choice for fully reclined relaxation, its versatility may be limited when it’s not in that position.

  • Mattress Dimensions: 67″ across x 3″ thick
  • Orbit Lounger Frame Measurements: 77″ long x 61″ wide

Last Updated June 3, 2024