Outdoor Throw Pillows for the Orbit Lounger!

Throw Pillows in ActionI love the Orbit Lounger for napping, reading and relaxing. Probably everyone else does too. Of course, it comes with comfortable cushions, but what if you want more? I mean – can you really have too many cushions?

However, I don’t want to buy an outdoor throw pillow that costs me $50. That’s a little crazy, seeing that the lounger saves me so much money – I’d hate to blow my savings on cushions.

That said, I want durable and comfortable pillows. Ones that look good year after year and are designed for outdoor use – rain, sun, wind and all. Otherwise, why buy them?

What to Look for in Outdoor Throw Pillows:

Speaking of which, I typically look for polyester fabric that is UV-treated. Also know that you can purchase your own high-tech fabric guard that you can spray on the pillows to protect them the outdoor elements.

What I’ve Learned on Getting Cushion Deals:

From my shopping experience, you get a better deal buying a set of 2 cushions vs pillows individually. Most people with loungers want at least 2 anyway, and it just looks better to have a matching set.

Another Pillow-Shopping Trick:

Another trick to getting cheap deals is shopping end-of-season, starting around the beginning of August. Most times, you won’t be able to get a matching set, but you can get many larger un-matched cushions for 50% off or more. And at this price point, you probably don’t care whether the toss pillows match or not.

Something else I’ve found, though, is that some styles of patio furniture and cushions are designed to stay in style for years. Sometimes these cushions do not go on sale and simply get re-stocked the following year. Keep this in mind if you are looking for traditional, plain or solid colors like red, blue or orange.

Outdoor Throw Pillows for Less than $15 Each:

If you want extra throw pillows for your lounger, you have lots of affordable options. Most people buy the pillow covers they like and the cushion inserts separately.

Therefore, you can get the exact pillow color and size that you want. Plus, you can switch out the covers when you want a new look. Not to mention, you can easily wash the covers.