How to “Light Up” Your Orbit Lounger

Orbit Lounger Lights at NightOrbit Lounger Lights? Make your orbit lounger a little more festive with string lights! Plus, you will want to use it more at night!

This inexpensive trick can transform your day lounge into a fun place to hang out in the evening as well. It doesn’t cost a lot of money nor does it require a lot of time to do. Plus, who doesn’t want a more festive Orbit Lounger?

You can attach the lights around the frame. Alternatively, if you have an umbrella with your lounger, you can string them around the outside of the umbrella.

There are Lots of Options for Orbit Lounger Lights

  • You can use solar lights or a set that plugs into an electrical outlet.
  • Use regular string lights, a rope light set or an LED light strip
  • Choose from 10+ colors
  • You can even go crazy with remote control sets, flashing lights and more, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Orbit Lounger Lights: What You Will Need…

1. You will need about 20 feet of lights to wrap around the circumference of the lounge frame.

2. You will need an electrical outlet or a sunny location for solar lights. Most solar string light sets enable you place the power panel several feet from the where the lights start. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to put your lounger in the sun.

3. You may want to get zip ties to attach the lights to the frame. Some lights include an adhesive backing, and alternatively you could wrap the lights around the frame. However, for a cleaner look, zip ties work great. Plus, they cost next to nothing.

LED Strip Light

I like this option because it comes with a peel-and-stick backing. Hence, you can just stick it to your lounge frame. LED strips and rope lights provide a straighter, cleaner line than traditional string lights, so it’s really about the look you’re going for in your backyard.

If you want it more secure, you can use inexpensive zip ties to attach it as well. Choose from 10 different colors. The kit is waterproof as well.

Note: these strips are about 16 feet in length, so you might want to get 2 of them. They run about $7 each and the LED lights don’t use much energy, so they are budget-friendly.

Another option is solar tube/rope lights. You can get a 23-foot long 50-light set for about $20. It also comes in a soothing blue shade.

Multi-Color Solar LED Lights

Get all colors in one! This string light set can be used outdoors and it is waterproof. You can set it to have a steady light or be flashing.

The string is 55 feet long – long enough to wrap the lights several times around your lounger or umbrella for more sparkle.

If you want more subtle lighting, you can now get warm white LED string lights in a solid color (warm white). Same number of lights, string length and flashing/solid light features.

If you are looking for a particular color to match an outdoor color theme or your home decor, I think the best place to find lights is Amazon or eBay.

Here are some more backyard lighting tips for using your backyard at night for entertaining – or simply enjoying yourself!

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