Orbit Double Lounge VS Other Patio Chairs

5 Features that Make the Orbit Double Lounge Better than the Competition:

orbit lounger on the beachThe Orbit Lounger appeals to certain people because of it’s distinct and unusual look. However, it does have some features and benefits that differ from other round loungers that are not necessarily apparent when you look at one.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons…

1. The Orbit Lounger Features a Double Incline

The first thing that appealed to me was the fact that both ends can incline. This means that you can prop your legs up when you have a book or laptop on your lap. This can be much more comfortable than having your legs laying flat.

2. This Lounger Gives You Extra Space

The second aspect I like about the double lounger is that it provides ample space for one person. That’s right. Two people don’t always need to be sitting on a double chaise lounge. One person can take advantage of the extra space and use it to place items they are using, like they would a side table.

You might have already noticed this if you’ve ever enjoyed the spaciousness of an oversized chair. You might have also found yourself in a traditional 1-person chaise lounge without a side table and no where to put your stuff.

3. Using the Orbit Double Lounge Indoors

Another nice feature about the lounger is that you can use it indoors. In fact I wouldn’t be averse to using it exclusively inside. I didn’t think about this until I first sat on one in a store. Then, I visualized it with a bunch of extra cushions and blankets in the family room in front of the big screen TV.

4. Use it as a Spare Bed?

Continuing with that thought… I also envisioned the Orbit Chaise Lounge as a potential extra bed for guests. It provides the size and the cushioning, and of course the back incline feature for reading books at night.

Now, I know this idea may not be for everyone, but for people who infrequently have overnight guests, this can save you from having to buy a guest bed or have your guests sleep on the floor on an inflatable mattress.

5. Why the Umbrella is Nice

If you like reading or working on your computer while lounging, you’re probably already noticing the umbrella feature. These things are great for shielding bright light from a reflective computer screen and making it easier to see and read – not to mention provide shade.

The interesting thing that I noticed is that the umbrella and table cost less than many patio umbrellas, if you were to buy one individually. The combination lounge with umbrella and table provides a specially designed space for the accessories, which make them very functional but keep them conveniently out of the way at the same time.